Bil Spring or Kani Bil is a natural spring in the Hewraman region in Iran.Bill Spring is the biggest spring in Kurdistan and western parts of Iran. It is of very significant cultural value to the Hewrami people and there are many references to it in their culture, identity and Literature. The river that is […]

Ovan lake is a small alpine lake in Alamut region of Alburz range, located in 75 km from Qazvin. in Qazvin province of Iran. The only tributary that flows into the lake, is a stream with the same name, Ovan, coming down from northern mounts. The north of the lake is also surrounded by three […]

Iranian documantry filmmaker Mohammad Ehsani received his award from the Slovakia international environmental film festival known as “Eco Top” for “Once Hamoun”. He won the award three months ago in Bratislava, Slovakia but couldn’t present at the festival at that time. He recently received it through Iranian Ministry of Foreign Ministry. The film recently won […]

Introduction Drought is a complex phenomenon that is hard to define and different in different regions. Drought is not just a dry year, and there is a definition beyond that. Interestingly, drought is not at all a proper term for defining this situation, and the scientific and precise term is “dehydration”. The dehydration period is […]