The twenty-five United Nations Climate Change conference (COP25) will be held in Madrid, Spain, from december 2rd to 13th, 2019 under the presidency of the Chilean government. The President-designate for the conference is Ms. Carolina Schmidt, Minister of Environment of Chile. To note that the COP 25 High-Level Climate Action Champion is Mr. Gonzalo Muñoz, […]

During the 43rd UNESCO Summit, Hyrcanian forests were recorded as the second natural heritage of Iran and placed in UNESCO World Heritage List based on criteria 9. During the investigation, the representative of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) provided information on the Hyrcanian forests, its history, vegetation, and animal species. There was […]

The SDG Lab is a multi-stakeholder initiative that contributes to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It supports actors based in Geneva and beyond in further leveraging expertise and knowledge into policy, practice and action. The Lab works with a diverse ecosystem of actors that are focused on delivering the 2030 Agenda and identifies […]

For the first time in the last half-century, Iran’s precipitation exceeded the threshold of 330 mm and held a unique record. Tansim news agency reports that according to the statistics of Iran’s Water Resources Management Company, the total precipitation height has been over 330.4 mm from September, 23rd, 2018 to May, 30th, 2019 (250 days […]