Education, Training and Public Awareness on the values of Biological Diversity


Institute of "AVAYE CHEETAH COAVIR" - which means “Song of Cheetah in Desert” - known by its acronym CHEECCO, started its activities in 2009 and was officially founded in 2012 in order to implement projects aimed at Information, Education, and Training regarding the values of Biological Diversity.

It should be mentioned that the institute empowered its working group and was able to obtain the special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nation (ECOSOC) in June 2015; thus becoming also in 2018, an NGO with Observer status at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change - COP24.

Considering the risks of industrial development and population growth that have always led to the destruction of the environment and the loss of biological diversity, we are determined to inform and warn the people about the values of biological diversity and crises that could occur as a result of the lack of human commitment to the environment.

How do we act?

The CHEECO Institute's main mission is to analyze, explain and promote the knowledge of the people on the values of biological diversity in order to Environmental Protection and promoting the objectives of sustainable development. So to carry out this task, we act on 4 axes::

• Encourage people to respect environmental rights to prevent biological diversity loss;

• Enrichment of knowledge, culture, and public education on the values of biological diversity, principles of conservation of species, especially those in danger of extinction;

• Work on Public Awareness to avoid any threats, as pollution (air pollution, pollution of the earth, water, etc.) and the Climate Change impacts and Risks resulting from human activities;

• Support the environmental activities of natural and legal persons through symbolic projects and workshops of education and training.

Our most important tools for the implementation of this program?

In order to get closer to our goals, we have utilized some basic tools:

1- Publication of written and oral statements in cooperation with the United Nations Economic and Social Council in Geneva, Switzerland;

2- Participation in UN conferences related to the objectives of the institute;

3- Organization of meetings and appointments with UN Special Rapporteurs and other UN officials;

4- Holding exhibits associated with the most significant universal events and conferences;

5- Organization of training workshops for different population groups at local, regional, and national levels;

6- Obtain the support and experience of institutions and organizations in developed countries;

7- Publication of reports;

8- Use the Website and social networks;


All legal and natural persons who complete the Institute's membership form and send us an email to info@cheeco.org will be considered as a volunteer member after reviewing and communicating the result to them and can be included in the programs held by the institute. In the end, it should be emphasized that membership in the institute does not have any material benefits and all members, including CHEECO's principal members and directors, are involved and contribute to the organization as a volunteer environmentalist without any financial expectations: Membership Form


In order to prevent any abuse, it is emphasized that all correspondence and letters related to the institution are valid if the original version is delivered or sent via the institution official email address info@cheeco.org . In order to ensure the correctness and terms of the agreements, the way of cooperation, and other issues related to the correspondence, and obligations of the institution, please make sure all matters including meetings, reports, work orders, letters of recommendation, and so on are checked through the email address of the institution, what’s up and the phone number  (+989133551513). Otherwise the institution will not be held liable.