The twenty-five United Nations Climate Change conference (COP25) will be held in Madrid, Spain, from december 2rd to 13th, 2019 under the presidency of the Chilean government. The President-designate for the conference is Ms. Carolina Schmidt, Minister of Environment of Chile.

To note that the COP 25 High-Level Climate Action Champion is Mr. Gonzalo Muñoz, business entrepreneur and social change-maker.

At the Madrid Summit, as in the previous one, there will be numerous side events, with a range of different groups from around the world. In fact, participants include business owners and industries, environmental groups and non-governmental organizations, farmers, local governments, research institutes, trade unions, various youth and women’s organizations, and senior officials from the world’s governments.

CHEECO Institute is planning to participate in the summit as the observer, and intends in the meantime to focus on some of the international as well as national problems and challenges associated with the climate change crisis.

COP25 conference website