CHEECO Institute attended the United Nations September Summit in Switzerland-Geneva, reading a lecture at a public venue in the presence of 193 delegates from the world’s governments and representatives of international organizations.

In the mentioned statement, the Middle East crisis of resources and droughts was emphasized, and concerns over the environmental dimensions of human rights resulting from the war, which has endangered the security of water and food were mentioned as the matters of concern.

In this regard, overuse of the resources of the region in the war was highlighted and it was emphasized that “In the current conditions where the earth is facing the resource crisis, it is imperative that the international community’s policies be adopted taking into account the environmental considerations”. However, this is not the case and we continue to see that lobbying arms and warlords continue to foster their unilateral interests and don’t pay any attention to these crises.

CHEECO Institute, while pointing to the current wars in the region and air strikes from Syria to Iraq, warned that continuation of such a dangerous trend in a region with high ecological grounds for wild plants, which can enhance the quality of native products and future food sources, is known to be a serious threat to the planet.